Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Bra Fitting

I went to dillard's and had a bra fitting done. I wasn't really impressed, although I think she did get the size right. I was pretty much right on track with the size I was wearing, although I could possibly go down a cup size since I lost all of that weight last year.

For those of you who maybe have never had a fitting before, I will tell you how mine went. I wend in to Dillard's and asked the sales lady in the intimates department if she could do a fitting. She said yes and asked me to come back to the fitting rooms. She asked if I had ever had one done before and when I said no, she said something like I guess we're going to have some fun then. Whatever that means.

Anyway, so we get back to the fitting rooms, she comes in with me and closes the door and asks me to take my shirt off. I did, kind of reluctantly, and then she measured above the bust and then again at the largest part of the bust. She did a little bit of math and then told me what size she thought I needed. She also checked to see what brand and size the bra I was wearing was. That was it.

I guess I was hoping for a better bedside manner and a little more customer service. I want a bra that is super smooth that looks great under t-shirts and that lifts me up. (Unfortunately, they sag pretty bad on their own). All bras just don't work for me, or anyone else for that matter. I hoped she would have given me some info on the bras they carried and what might work best for me.

The best advice I have to give at this point is to go bra shopping when you have a lot of time. Whenever I'm in a hurry, I end up getting something that I'm not happy with. Also, go where they have a good selection. When I went they had been having a sale and lots of things were picked over, AND the sales lady didn't help at all.

I hear if you go to Victoria's Secret, they measure you, then they bring out a whole box of different styles of bras in your size for you to try out, so you know what works for you. Too bad there isn't one in the valley! I guess Ogden isn't too far, but with little ones at home, I feel super lucky just to get to the mall or the grocery store alone for an hour or two.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The importance of a great fitting bra

I have been reading some of Trinny and Susannah's books recently and am reminded of the great importance of having a bra that really fits you. Most of us have probably heard this over and over, but have we actually gone out and figured out what bra actually suits us the best? I've gone and tried several on, hoping to get it just right, but am never quite sure. I know that there are those people out there who can help me, but who are they and where can I find them?

I was going to procure great jeans in this valley, but first things first, we all need a great bra. Over the next little while, I hope to find what I'm looking for, and I will share my findings. However, if you already know the secret, or have any great suggestions, please comment and share it with the rest of us!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer Swimwear

I am super excited to say that my neighbor will be coming to the sale on Saturday. She makes great custom swimsuits and will be taking orders on Saturday! I am hoping to have some pictures of her suits to post in the next day or so!

I'm also looking for input on where you find great jeans in Cache Valley. It's not a large community, but I know there are great jeans out there. Where did you buy your last pair?

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I need more inventory for the sale on the May 16th. If you need help assessing your wardrobe, I am offering FREE CLOSET CONSULTATIONS up until May 13th. I will go through your wardrobe with you, look at what you have that is working for you, and what you may need to get rid of, and give you suggestions on things you need to add. Any great items that aren't necessarily working for you, but that would work for someone else, we can add to our inventory for the sale and you can even get paid for it! Call me! Taralee 764-2835 or email

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Consignment form and flyer info!

Here is a link to the consignment form for all you who would like to participate and sell some of your stylish stuff! And, here is a link to a flyer with more information about the day, time, etc. of the event. Please share it with your friends!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Here is a link to pictures of some of the items for sale. Here are a few more!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Getting Ready for the Sale!!!

I've been collecting clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories for the upcoming sale! We still need more inventory! Please bring in any upscale items that you would like to sell! Call me at 764-2835 or email! Remember, anyone selling items at the boutique gets 10% off consignment items at the sale!!!

Have you checked out the facebook group? Pictures of much of the clothing are already loaded with brand, size and pricing information!

Everyone confirming (on Facebook) that they will be at the sale will be entered in to win $20 in credit for the boutique sale.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Closet! Your Closet!

Hey there ladies! Here we go!!!

So as some of you already know, I've lost some weight the past year or so, and need clothes that fit! The only problem is, I already have a closet full of perfectly great clothes! They're just the wrong size! Sound familiar to anyone? Well, since I really do love clothes, I had to come up with a solution!

I'm hosting a consignment boutique for women's clothing, shoes, and accessories! I'm calling it My Girlfriend's Closet! (Thanks for the name Kim!) It's planned for Saturday May 16th from 2:00 pm until 6:30 pm at Mitch's shop (Select Satellite in the Pinecrest Shopping Center on 1400 N). They close at two on Saturdays, so it will go from 2:00 pm until 6:30 pm. If all goes well, I'm hoping to do this on a regular basis, monthly or every other month.

Go through your closets! I'll be taking gently used, current (none of those 80's overalls or jumpers please) and classic style clothing. Nothing from Walmart. If you think maybe it should go to the DI, it probably should.

If you have clothing you would like to sell, this is how it works. Contact me by email or phone and we'll arrange a time for you to bring in the items you want to sell. Try to remember what the original price was (to help with pricing it now) and make sure it's clean and in good repair. I will have a short contract for you to sign, and that's it! If it sells at the boutique sale, you can come by the shop and pick up the check! Anything that does not sell will need to be picked back up sometime in the next week or if you like, we can donate it to a charity.

Anyone selling clothing at the boutique will recieve a 10% discount off of any consignment items they purchase at the sale.

Send messages to!